Compatible Processor Boards

Compatible Processor Boards for Embedded Vision with MIPI

Fast and easy from prototype to industrial embedded vision solution: With VC MIPI® Camera Modules, compatible to all common processor platforms.

Free choice of your processor board with VC MIPI Cameras

VC MIPI® Camera Modules are compatible with common processor platforms. We deliver all necessary components for rapid start-up, such as drivers in source code, suitable cables, etc.

What are compatible processor boards?

Tried and tested: Numerous manufacturers of processor boards test the compatibility with VC MIPI® Camera Modules or integrate them into their starter kits. A selection is presented here.


Being an NXP® Registered Partner, we offer optimal support for embedded vision with MIPI camera modules and the new i.MX 8M Mini / Nano / Plus processors as well as other platforms from NXP®.


We support you with hardware and software for your embedded vision projects with VC MIPI® and the NVIDIA® Jetson TX2™, Jetson Nano™, Jetson Xavier NX™ and Jetson Xavier AGX™ platforms.

Raspberry Pi

From prototype to mass production solution: VC accessories and support around embedded vision with the Raspberry Pi® boards RPi Zero V1.3, 3B+, 4B and RPi Compute Module Industrial.


Proven processor boards, drivers, cables and other components to get you started quickly with Qualcomm CPUs.


Highest performance and compact design: Compatible boards for embedded vision with MIPI and Xilinx processors.

Further suppliers

The list is constantly expanding. If you can't find your desired processor board, it may be on our roadmap or we may develop a solution for you.

MIPI Accessories

Drivers, cables, adapter boards and more, for a quick start into development.

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