NVIDIA® Jetson™ & VC MIPI® Camera Modules

NVIDIA® Jetson™ & VC MIPI® Camera Modules

Hardware and software for embedded vision projects with VC MIPI® and NVIDIA® Jetson TX2™, Jetson Nano™, Jetson Xavier NX™ and Jetson Xavier AGX™ platforms.
NVIDIA Jetson and VC MIPI camera modules

NVIDIA and MIPI cameras:
Quick & easy integration

Use the NVIDIA® processors specially designed for AI projects and other high-performance applications easily with VC MIPI® camera modules: As NVIDIA partner, we provide a large selection of different image sensor modules, all necessary accessories as well as drivers supplied in source code.
With their high computing power, the NVIDIA® embedded processors in combination with the long-term available and industrial-grade VC MIPI® Camera Modules are ideally suited for embedded vision applications such as image classification, object recognition, etc.
Jetson nano board
MIPI camera modules with VC MIPI FPC cables

Greatest variety of MIPI Camera Modules for NVIDIA® TX2, Jetson Nano™ & Xavier™

VC MIPI® Camera Modules for NVIDIA® platforms are available with resolutions from 0.3 MPixel to 20 MPixel, in monochrome or color, variants with global shutter, rolling shutter or global reset shutter and with or without trigger functionality. The MIPI camera modules are powered directly via the VC MIPI® FPC cables.

Driver support for the NVIDIA® platforms

Our free driver package provides full support for all VC MIPI® Camera Modules for the NVIDIA® platforms. The drivers for Video4Linux2 (V4L2) applications enable easy and direct connection of the modules for streaming mode and trigger mode. In addition, our drivers for NVIDIA processors provide developers with easy access to the NVIDIA® developer tools. A direct image pipeline into the ISP / GPU enables fast image data processing and CPU offload.

Starter pack for embedded vision with NVIDIA and VC MIPI®

Connect the VC MIPI® Camera Module to your NVIDIA Jetson developer kit via FPC cable and you're ready to go: With this starter package for embedded vision projects and an existing NVIDIA® developer kit, you can start developing applications right away!

NVIDIA Jetson and VC MIPI camera modules

Connecting multiple VC MIPI® cameras to NVIDIA®

With an adapter board from Connect Tech, Auvidea and other 3rd party suppliers, several VC MIPI® Camera Modules can be connected to the NVIDIA® platforms simultaneously. The respective drivers are provided in source code.

Connection of multiple VC MIPI camera modules to NVIDIA developer kits

Deep learning with NVIDIA and VC MIPI® cameras

Vision Components and Japanese MITECH Group develop a solution to identify and read engraved characters with deep learning. It is based on a NVIDIA Jetson nano processor board with VC MIPI® IMX296 camera.
Shinobu Minobe: Sales Japan, Vision Components Japan Office

Are you developing a solution with NVIDIA and MIPI Cameras?

We’re happy to support you with our know-how, embedded vision components and individual solutions.

MIPI Accessories

Drivers, cables, adapter boards and more, for a quick start into development.


Hands-on Workshop: FPGA Programming for Embedded Vision


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