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We've got everything for the optimal connection of VC MIPI® Camera Modules: Drivers, cables and more!

Free standard drivers for all VC MIPI Camera Modules

All our VC MIPI Cameras come with suitable standard drivers, provided in source code. Just send us an email to request a driver free of charge.

Available Drivers

VC MIPI Drivers

Standard drivers for our VC MIPI® camera modules are already available for numerous processor boards and platforms such as Raspberry Pi®, NVIDIA® Jetson and NXP® including the new i.MX8M series. View the list below for all details.

List of all MIPI Drivers

VC MIPI Cable: The right connection


Our specially developed FPC cable (Flexible Printed Circuit) is available in three standard variants with 15, 22 and 24 poles, in 60 mm, 100 mm and 200 mm lengths. It can thus be connected to all common single-board computers and CPU boards and makes optimum use of the available power of the MIPI interface.
With four lanes and a processing speed of 1.5 GBit/s per lane achievable by most processors, transfer rates of 6 GBit/s are possible, which corresponds to 750MB/s with an 8-bit pixel resolution.

Individual MIPI Cables

Our MIPI cables have a trigger input and a flash output. They enable video streams as well as single shots and do not interfere with the host system. Individual settings such as shutter speed, gain, image size and position, and binning can be adjusted for each image. Very fast processes can be captured and synchronized with the cables and an external trigger.
For special requirements we develop customized cables with external trigger output or the possibility to connect I/O boards.

Design of the VC MIPI Cables

  • A flexible printed circuit board with a fully shielded backside and 100-Ω differential line pairs.
  • 15-22-pin / 22-22-pin / 22-24-pin: with 2 / 4 transmission lanes for the connection to all common CPU boards
  • 1x trigger input, 1x flash trigger output (without compromising the function of the host system)
  • Available in 3 lengths: 60 mm | 100 mm | 200 mm

Hardware manual VC MIPI Camera Modules including FPC-cables

Cable Lengths of 10 Meters and more with MIPI

VC Coax SerDes-Adapter
Using our own SerDes adapter board and a coaxial cable, cable lengths of up to 10 meters can be realized through the MIPI interface.

VC Add-on Boards for even more Possibilities with MIPI

VC MIPI Repeater Board for up to 5-times longer cables

The VC MIPI® Repeater Board allows an extension of the MIPI cable lenghts up to 5 times the original FPC cable length. It also offers additional interfaces like a trigger input and flash trigger output. This enables to quickly and easily integrate external triggers and lighting without compromising the function of the host system.

VC Compute Module Interface Board for Raspberry Pi

The VC CMI board is specially designed for the Raspberry Pi® Compute Module 3 and 3+. Form factor and connectors are optimally matched: You can simply plug on your Raspberry Pi®. Holes for mounting MIPI camera module and lens holder are also provided.

Documentation VC MIPI Repeater Board
Setup: VC MIPI Module on Raspberry Pi
Setup: VC MIPI Module on Raspberry Pi Compute IO Board 3
Setup: VC MIPI Module on Raspberry Pi Compute IO Board 4
Raspberry Pi Embedded Vision Kit

Lighting for MIPI Camera Modules

LED ring light

The LED ring light with 12 high-power LEDs enables the ideal illumination for your application. It is available in two versions: with infrared LEDs at 850 nm and red LEDs at 656 nm. It has an easy plug-in connection. For flexible lighting integration, the VC MIPI® CMI Board provides two 1.5 A LED controllers.

Lens Holder for MIPI Cameras

For S- & C/CS-Mount

Our standardized lens holders are suitable for S-mount and C/CS-mount lenses. They can be ordered directly with the MIPI cameras. 


The lens holders are also compatible with our Compute Module Interface Board.

VC MIPI Camera Modules with Polarizing Filter

Reduce glare and reflection

Reflective and shiny surfaces are a challenge for imaging sensors. Vision Components offers its MIPI camera modules with an optional polarizing filter that reduces reflection and glare and increases the contrast of the images. The filter foil is bonded directly onto the sensor package of the modules. The angle and direction of the filter can be determined.

This method, in which light is absorbed from one direction, is significantly less expensive than solutions with polarization filters on the sensor array and is still sufficient for many applications.

MIPI sensors with multi-directional filtering

For special applications where multi-directional polarization filtering is required, Sony's specially designed IMX250MZR and IMX252MZR image sensors are ideal. They can filter light from four different directions. 


Vision Components offers these two sensors as MIPI Camera Modules on request.

Endre Tóth - Sales North and South America - Vision Components

Are you looking for special accessories to go with our MIPI cameras?

We also develop and produce special solutions and individual accessories all around the VC MIPI Camera Modules.

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