VCSBC nano Z Family

VCSBC nano Z:
Smart Board Level Cameras

OEM-Platinenkamera VCSBC nano Z - Vorderansicht
OEM-Platinenkamera VCSBC nano Z RH - Vorderansicht
OEM-Platinenkamera VC nanoZ RH 2 - Vorderansicht

Board level cameras with Linux OS:
Sensor, processor and interfaces perfectly integrated

Developed and designed for integration into a wide range of industrial applications: Our VCSBC nano Z series intelligent embedded vision systems offer highest performance in a very small package. They are available in different variants with fully integrated or external image sensors.

All components are perfectly adjusted to each other. Our VC Linux operating system ensures the interaction of hardware and software and enables free programming of the smart cameras for the target application. Using the FPGAs, image processing can be accelerated by up to a factor of 20.

VCSBC nano Z: Board Level Cameras with Sensor on board

Our ultra-compact board cameras, only 40 x 65 mm small. The image sensor is integrated directly into the design of the board. This provides the embedded vision system for your application as a single compact component.

VCSBC nano Z-RH: More flexibility with external image sensor

For even more flexible integration into your designs, these embedded vision systems have an external image sensor. The tiny CPU boards measure only 40 x 50 mm.

VCSBC nano Z-RH-2: High-performance embedded stereo vision systems

With their two external image sensors, the board cameras of the VCSBC nano Z-RH-2 series are ideally suited for stereo vision applications. The flexible cables enable easy integration, even in smallest spaces.

Quick facts VCSBC nano Z board cameras

  • Ultra-compact embedded vision systems
  • Sensors integrated onboard or external (Remote Head)
  • Xilinx® ZYNQ®-Module: Dual-Core ARM® Cortex™-A9 + FPGA 
  • Wide range of image sensors, also customer-specific
  • Freely programmable VC Linux operating system
  • FPGA programming on request
Andreas Beising - Sales Asia and Middle East - Vision Components

What exact board camera are you looking for?

Sensor, processor, interfaces and design: as your OEM partner we also develop and produce completely individual board level cameras!

Are you ready for a smart future?

Welcome to the inventor of the smart camera!

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