VC MIPI Kameramodul mit Vermaßung

Embedded vision system with miniature footprint for OEM projects

VC MIPI camera modules - dimensions
The image capture and processing components are perfectly attuned for excellent results and all integrated on one ultracompact board – OEMs can thereby save costs and time on vision sensor development

Vision Components presents VC picoSmart®, , an embedded vision system the size of a conventional image sensor module that greatly facilitates and speeds up the development of vision sensors. Image capture and processing are integrated on a 22 x 23.5 mm board. With the image sensor, processors, memory, and operating system already proven to work together perfectly, OEMs can focus on their vision sensor's application-specific programming and hardware design. Target applications include object detection, position detection, code reading, edge detection, and fill level detection. 

Vision Components offers a ready-made sample application for object recognition within the OEM module VC picoSmart®, using real-time processing in the FPGA. After a quick one-touch pattern teach-in, the system detects and matches the pattern in subsequent images. The manufacturer provides a developer kit for easy start and application development.

Embedded Vision System VC picoSmart
VC picoSmart® is probably the smallest embedded vision system in the world

VC picoSmart® features a monochrome 1MP global shutter sensor with high light sensitivity and high frame rates, an FPGA, a high-end FPU processor, memory, and an FPC port to connect an interface board – or a display for live image output and for interaction and control. The FPGA handles most of the image processing tasks. The FPU processor, which runs the highly efficient real-time operating system VCRT, is available for additional tasks. 

This combination of FPGA and FPU ensures maximum efficiency and computing power while keeping power consumption low. This makes VC picoSmart® ideal for mobile applications and edge devices. VC picoSmart® is available as an OEM module as of now. Like all Vision Components products, it is available for long-term use and optimized for industrial applications.

VC picoSmart® Design & Benefits

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