VC picoSmart – the smallest all-in-one Embedded Vision System

Quick and easy to your individual vision sensor design: all components for image acquisition and image processing integrated on a single, tiny board.
VC picoSmart camera module front view

How VC picoSmart revolutionizes the design of your vision sensors

Embedded Vision System VC picoSmart - Maße
Small board - entire system...
All components for image acquisition and processing onboard...
Embedded Vision System VC picoSmart mit angedachtem Gehäuse

...for quick and easy designs...

Choose optics, lighting, interface board, HMI, enclosure etc...
Embedded Kamera VC picoSmart bei der Qualitätskontrolle am Fließband
...and your individual vision sensor!

Fast to market, perfectly tailored to your application, compact and cost-effective!

Faster time to market with highly efficient and ultra-compact vision sensors!

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Greatest performance, smallest design

VC picoSmart is a complete embedded vision system, hardly bigger than a standard image sensor module. It opens up completely new possibilities for the development of application-specific and cost-effective vision sensors in ultra-compact design and in a very short time.

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All inclusive!

On the tiny board, only 22 mm x 23.5 mm in size, the 1 MegaPixel CMOS sensor with global shutter is accommodated as well as all components for image processing: An FPGA module, a high-end FPU processor with real-time OS, memory and an FPC connector for easy connection to an interface board.

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Real-time image processing!

The VCRT operating system enables real-time image processing tasks, for example for object recognition, position control, barcode reading, web edge and fill level control.

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OEM module for industry

VC picoSmart is available immediately as an OEM module and, like all VC products, has long-term availability and is optimized for industrial use.

A complete embedded vision system that fits between two fingers

Quick facts

  • Only 22 mm x 23.5 mm
  • Fully integrated onboard: FPGA module, high-end FPU processor, memory, FPC connector
  • 1 MP global shutter sensor
  • VC Realtime-OS for real-time image processing

Ideal for

  • Object recognition
  • Position control
  • Barcode reading
  • Web edge and level control
  • etc.

VC picoSmart Videos

VC picoSmart 3D:
Even faster to your
3D Profile Sensor

The world’s smallest embedded vision system, combined with our proven line laser module: VC picoSmart 3D is the ideal basis for fast and cost-effective development of individual OEM 3D sensors. Available completely ready for use or as an individual kit.
Sven Klette-Matzat - Sales Manager - OEM Solutions - Vision Components

Are you looking for the perfect basis for the development of your OEM vision sensor?

VC picoSmart will certainly meet your requirements.


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