Put an end to endless development times

development of embedded vision projects

Shorten your time to market with rapid prototyping and concurrent software and hardware development

Collecting ideas. Discussing functions. Defining specification. Develop hardware - and then: wait for the first prototype before you finally start developing software...???

Stop it! Life is too short for unnecessarily long development times.

We will show you two ways to test the ideas for your projects with Embedded Vision as quickly as possible and to jump-start your development:

  1. Versatile, flexible, close to series: work with your familiar embedded hardware platform MIPI camera modules make it possible.
  2. Rapid prototyping meets industry: this is how you use the Raspberry Pi® for the development of your embedded vision projects.

You want to bring your products to market faster and gain valuable time in development? Then evaluate and test your ideas with rapid prototyping for Embedded Vision! 

Your advantage: You develop hardware and software at the same time instead of one after the other. During the evaluation phase, you can use your familiar platform for data processing, e.g. a Raspberry Pi®, as a fast prototyping solution with a large communitys' support.

VC MIPI camera module with Raspberry Pi 4

MIPI-CSI2 camera modules: Sensor diversity meets computing power

MIPI camera modules on the clothesline

Important for your prototype: You need a sensor that fits your application and adequate computing power to process the data in your specific application. 

This is where the MIPI-CSI-2 interface comes into play: Originally developed for smartphones and other mobile devices in the consumer market, numerous sensor modules for embedded vision are now available with the interface – Vision Components already has around 20++ available for delivery!

At present, most modern processor platforms offer MIPI support. So you can freely decide whether you want to work with CPUs or GPUs for your application, with or without FPGAs or a combination of the possibilities - up to the use of TPUs for the acceleration of AI applications or neural networks. In short: With MIPI you work with your familiar hardware environment and at the same time you can select from a wide range of available camera modules.

Jan-Erik Schmitt - Managing Director Vision Components

We think intensively about your project and enjoy the technical challenge. Together, we will find an elegant solution that is optimally suited to your application.“

Jan-Erik Schmitt
Vice President of sales at Vision Components

Industrial MIPI: Your demand - our solutions

We make MIPI suitable for industrial applications! Whether for pre-series prototypes or for use in commercial end devices and industrial series products: Vision Components is driving forward the Development of MIPI for Embedded Vision : We have developed a converter board integrated into some high end sensor modules, so that customers can also use the advantages of the interface with non-native MIPI sensors. Sensors that are currently widely used in industrial environments or have been specially developed for this purpose but are not available with MIPI-CSI-2 interface can thus be used for tests and evaluations with numerous hardware platforms. Furthermore, we are constantly expanding the range of our MIPI sensors. Thanks to our basic development and infrastructure this can be done quickly and easily.

Portrait photo Michael Engel

„Vision Components has recognized the advantages of MIPI. Now we make them available to our customers for the industrial environment!“

Michael Engel

We have included latest sensors such as the Sony IMX500 / IMX501, which are already equipped with an AI computing unit in the sensor chip and thus open up new fields of application, directly in our roadmap.

In addition, we provide our customers with all the necessary peripherals and accessories for the successful integration of MIPI sensors - from standardized cables and connectors to drivers for different processor architectures.

Rapid Prototyping with the Raspberry Pi: now also for Industrial Embedded Vision!

The Raspberry Pi® has long been a standard for rapid prototype development and testing of new product ideas. A large community offers support and numerous advance services in the field of software.

What has been missing up to now are connections for industrial embedded vision. Vision Components closes this gap with the VC MIPI® Embedded Vision Kit. It extends your existing Raspberry Pi® Compute Module 3 / 3+ by an interface board with two MIPI interfaces, a programmable FPGA for image acquisition, GBit Ethernet and USB interface and a range of I/Os. The expansion board also has a trigger input and flash trigger output, an SD card slot and an LED controller. The kit comes standard with our VC MIPI OV9281 camera module, software driver, cable and lensholder. The Compute Module Interface (CMI) board is also available separately.

To ensure that you find the right solution for your application, the kit is compatible with all VC® Camera Modules and lensholders! We also offer a range of accessories for MIPI cameras - from LED ring flashes to modules and cables for stereo vision applications.

Jan-Erik Schmitt - Managing Director Vision Components

“Rapid prototyping for embedded vision: With the Compute Module Interface Board from Vision Components and the matching camera module, you get the perfect solution for proof-of-concepts with the Raspberry.“

Jan-Erik Schmitt
Vice President of sales at Vision Components

Are you interested?

Describe your project idea to us and together we will find the perfect solution for prototyping and the step to series production. Our experts are looking forward to your call or message!

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