MIPI cameras with GMSL2 interface

VC MIPI® Cameras with GMSL2 for cable lengths of up to 10 meters

Vision Components offers its VC MIPI® cameras from now on with an optional GMSL2 interface for data transmission with cables up to 10 meters long. The company has therefore developed an adapter board that is fully integrated into the design of the modules. The VC MIPI IMX296 is the first camera to be available in the GMSL version. All other cameras with the approximately 50 different image sensors in the VC portfolio will follow shortly. In addition, there is also a new board that converts the serial GMSL signal back to MIPI CSI-2.

MIPI cameras with GMSL2 interface
Image: VC MIPI Cameras are now available with GMSL2 interface for data transmission with a cable length of up to 10 meters. The company also offers a corresponding deserializer.

Data transmission via coax cable

The VC MIPI Cameras with GMSL2 interface combine the advantages of the ultra-compact and easy-to-integrate VC MIPI® Cameras with an option to support cable lengths of up to 10 meters. When connecting via the MIPI CSI-2 interface with standard FPC cables, the embedded cameras can be integrated and connected at a maximum distance of 20 cm from the processor board. The new SerDes adapter is integrated into the design of the MIPI cameras and is permanently attached to the module. This ensures maximum robustness in industrial and professional applications. The tiny form factor of the cameras is completely retained and only the depth of the modules increases by a few millimeters. Coaxial cables with MMCX connectors can be used for fast data transmission via the Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link Interface GMSL2. A connector adapter enables connection with Fakra-C ports.

Deserializer for easy prototyping

The connection to a processor board can be made via the serial cable and a corresponding interface on the processor board. As an alternative for prototypes and small batches, Vision Components has developed an adapter that converts the serial signal back into a digital signal, which is also available immediately. With this stamp-sized board, the cameras can be connected to most common processor boards via the standard MIPI interface and the familiar FPC cables. Functional models can thus be realized in the shortest possible time and using all the advantages of the MIPI interface.

Developed and produced in Germany

The VC MIPI® Cameras and embedded vision systems are developed and produced in Ettlingen, Germany, with best-in-class quality and designed for the requirements of industrial volume applications. On request, the company also develops cameras with special image sensors, including those that do not natively support a MIPI interface. VC also adapts cables and connectors or customizes MIPI cameras with individual form factor or sensor position. On request, fully assembled and calibrated cameras including optics can also be supplied.

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