VC MIPI cable

Shielded MIPI cables for high data rates

High data rates between MIPI cameras and CPU boards

VC MIPI cable
The shielded FPC cables provide high data rates between MIPI cameras and CPU boards such as Raspberry Pi

Vision Components supplies its embedded MIPI camera modules with a shielded FPC (flexible printed circuit) cable, which is primarily designed for the MIPI Modules and enables outstanding data transfer rates. VC uses the stalwart MIPI-CSI-2 Camera Interface and the Raspberry Pi connector schema. 

Raspi boards are the most widely used single-board computers, and several other manufacturers have already adopted the same pinout.

Until a standard is formulated, this choice ensures the widest possible suitability of the VC MIPI modules. The camera boards manufactured by VC in Germany can be connected to various popular CPU boards. This allows developers to quickly test image processing concepts and easily and cost-effectively configure embedded vision systems.

The VC MIPI camera boards with 22-pin sockets can be connected with 15-pin and 22-pin MIPI interfaces via cables with two or four transmission lanes. Thanks to this configuration, the high speeds of the MIPI CSI-2 standard can be fully utilized. Most processors can handle 1.5 Gbps per lane; that makes 6 Gbps for four lanes and 600 MByte/s at 10-bit pixel resolution, twice as fast as USB3 cameras.

The MIPI cables newly developed by Vision Components are high-tech components designed as flexible printed circuit boards with a fully shielded backside and 100-Ω differential line pairs. They ensure noise-free MIPI transmission. Vision Components has defined two pins as trigger input and flash output without compromising the function of the host systems. In addition to video streams, the trigger input also allows single image acquisition. All settings can be adjusted for each individual image: exposure time, gain, image size and position, and binning. Thus, very fast applications can be captured and synchronized. Vision Components is the manufacturer with the widest available variety of MIPI camera boards – offering image sensor resolutions up to 13 MP.

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