3D Kamerasystem VC picoSmart 3D

OEM laser profiler with integrated 3D image processing

Vision Components launches the new OEM laser profiler VC picoSmart 3Dwith integrated processors for 3D profile data analysis and further image processing tasks. All components are designed to function together perfectly: a miniaturized embedded vision system with a 1-megapixel image sensor, an FPGA and a high-end FPU processor and a line laser module with a blue high-power laser. The system is enclosed in a compact industrial-grade housing measuring only 100 mm x 40 mm x 41 mm and featuring a clear control panel and display.

OEM 3D laser profiler VC picoSmart 3D
Image: The new laser profiler VC picoSmart 3D allows flexible configuration and saves OEMs a lot of effort in developing their 3D applications..

The integrated VC picoSmart. is the world’s smallest embedded vision system, housed on a board the size of an image sensor. The FPGA is pre-programmed for 3D computation. The laser module, also an in-house development, operates reliably under bright ambient light up to 100,000 lux. The 130-mW laser is rated class 2. OEMs can implement their applications with minimal effort – from position detection to measurement to adhesive bead inspection and much more. The manufacturer offers company-specific labeling on request. VC picoSmart 3D is ideal for fast and economic development of individual OEM 3D sensors. All components are long-term available and optimized for series production.

Vision Components at VISION
Stuttgart, Germany, 4 – 6 October 2022
Hall 8, Stand C31

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