Our smart MIPI repair service, just in case...

Do you want to return a camera for repair?

Please make sure it is a question of hardware defects. , before shipping the VC Smart Camera. Please exclude programming or operating system errors by appropriate tests. The occurring problem needs to be reproducible for us, and please be aware we cannot consider Third-Party-Software.

If you aren't sure whether it's a hardware or software problem, please don't hesitate to send us a

Contact or give us a call: +49 7243 2167-0.

Check list of possible defects:

  • Communication errors are often caused by wrong settings (IP address, etc.). Please refer to the appendix in our Quickstart PDF guides: click for our ARM/LINUX-Modelle and for our DSP/VCRT-Modelle.
  • Suspected flash eprom faults are often programming errors..
  • Please exclude fauls caused by damaged accessories and other equipment.
  • Test the camera with shell functions or VC demo programms

Questionnaire for RMA Completion

Terms of Repair

Each camera is thoroughly examined upon receipt. Because VC Smart Cameras are high-end products, the diagnostic process is correspondingly complex. Please note that MIPI camera modules are excluded under the repair conditions mentioned here.

Please observe:

If you send products free from defects without contacting our support in advance, we have to charge 115 €/149 US$ (plus return costs) due to the complex repair test (also during warranty period).

Please fill in the following form as detailed as possible, this accelerates the repair process considerably.
If you ship more than one camera, please fill in the form for every camera. Thank you!


Of course, we repair your VC MIPI Camera Module at no charge during the first two years. (This is only valid regarding manufacturing or material defects, damages due to customer mishandling are excluded.)

Our special service for you: The VC repair flat rate

If your VC Smart Camera is no older than five years, we offer as a special service a repair flat rate. Damages due to customer mishandling, mechanical or overvoltage damage e.g., are excluded. With the VC repair flat rate you get back your Smart Camera in a quick and cost-efficient way!

Repair flat rates:

- 139 €/168 US$ + shipment for board cameras of the series VCSBC, VCSBnano & VCSBnanoZ.

- 139 €/168 US$ + shipment for housed cameras of the series VC, VCnano & VCnanoZ.

- 619 €/675 US$+ shipment for housed cameras of the series VCproZ, VCnano3D & VCnano3D-Z.

Please observe, that VC MIPI camera modules and customized solutions are excluded from these repair flat rates.

Repair on T&M basis
Repair of VC Smart Cameras older than five years or damaged by inapropriate handling will be charged on a time and material basis. Of course, we compile then always a calculation for 139 €/168 US$ which will be offset if you place the order.


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