VC Stereo Cam.

VC Stereo Cam:
Dual Camera System with Onboard Data Processing

Ultra-compact OEM system with two VC MIPI® camera modules and integrated FPGA hardware accelerator.
Stereo Camera for Embedded Vision - VC Stereo Cam with Power SoM

The flexible embedded vision system for two-camera applications

VC Stereo Cam was developed as an embedded vision system for 3D and two-camera applications. It can be flexibly configured for a wide range of OEM projects and is based on the powerful image processing module VC Power SoM.

The VC Stereo Cam image processing module with an onboard FPGA preprocesses large data volumes in real time and transfers the results in the MIPI data stream to a higher-level CPU. This allows users the free choice of their processor platform.

The FPGA is open for customer programming.

Stereo Camera for Embedded Vision - VC Stereo Cam with Housing

Pre-designed FPGA designs

Our extensive groundwork for stereo image processing with synchronized triggering and optional disparity matching saves users a lot of development effort. We also support project development, offering ready-made FPGA designs for applications like object recognition and specific tasks like 3D point cloud generation. The FPGA with its 120,000 logic cells handles even complex calculations in real time. As a result, sophisticated 3D applications such as exact people counting and volume determinations are possible.

Free choice of VC MIPI® camera modules

Customers can freely select the VC MIPI® camera modules. The prototype VC Stereo Cam for 3D vision integrates two Sony Pregius IMX296 global shutter image sensors.


Alternatively, it is also possible to integrate different sensors, for example for day/night shots or for parallel shots in color and monochrome or in the visible and SWIR spectrum.

MIPI camera modules
MIPI camera modules
Jan-Erik Schmitt - Managing Director Vision Components

Would you like to develop a two-camera system based on VC Stereo Cam?

We support you from idea and development to production, perfectly adapted to your ideas.

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