MIPI camera modules - made in Germany

New high-end sensors with MIPI interface

MIPI camera modules - photo composition
High-end sensors of the Pregius and Starvis series from Sony: now available from Vision Components as MIPI Camera Modules.

Cost-effective, easy to integrate and now also with powerful high-end sensors: We are introducing a whole range of new camera modules that combine high image quality and frame rates with the advantages of the MIPI-CSI2 interface. The new modules feature high-end image sensors from the Sony Pregius and Sony Starvis series.

Herewith we also offer MIPI camera modules with sensors that do not natively support a MIPI interface. Most modules are available immediately.

For the new VC MIPI® Modules we have specially developed an adapter board which is plugged onto the back of the sensor module and glued for maximum robustness and durability. With its help, the high-end sensors can be connected directly to the MIPI interface of numerous processor boards. Users thus have maximum freedom in selecting their platform, benefit from a wide range of available sensors and can utilize the latest and most powerful sensor technology for their project. Like all sensor modules from VC, the new MIPI modules are suitable for industrial use and provide long-term availability.

Up to 20 MPixel image resolution with MIPI

MIPI camera modules made in Germany
The camera modules combine high image quality, light sensitivity and fast frame rates with the advantages of the MIPI-CSI2 interface.

Featuring a 20-megapixel resolution, 4K video, and a global reset shutter, VC MIPI® IMX183 is perfect for applications with maximum image quality and speed requirements – including medical and laboratory technology, smart agriculture, and drones. The Sony Starvis sensor's backside illuminated (BSI) technology ensures high light sensitivity and a wide contrast range.

VC MIPI® IMX226 with 12 MPixels image resolution exhibits the same technologies to deliver low-noise and high-contrast images even in difficult lighting conditions. The third new module with Starvis® sensor is the VC MIPI® IMX178 with 6.4 MPixel image resolution, which is also equipped with global reset functionality and BSI technology. The VC MIPI® Module are available with monochrome and color sensors.

Highest frame rates or price-optimized design

For applications such as intelligent traffic monitoring, presence and access control, and numerous other applications, Sony has developed the IMX250 / IMX 264 and IMX252 / IMX 265 Pregius® series sensors, which are also available now as VC MIPI® modules. While the IMX250 and IMX252 deliver 5 and 3.2 MPixel resolution, respectively, and operate at full resolution with fast frame rates of 103.5 fps and 151.4 fps, the IMX 264 (35.7 fps) and IMX 265 (55.6 fps) models are designed for price-sensitive applications with lower speed requirements. Nevertheless, they offer an identical pixel structure and size as well as the same sensor format as the other Pregius® sensors. On request, the sensors are also available as IMX250mZR and IMX264mZR with an on-chip polarizer.

Also included in this series are MIPI modules with IMX273 and IMX392 sensors and global shutter, geared at industrial applications: VC MIPI IMX273 (1.58 MP) and VC MIPI IMX392 (2.3 MP) with 201 fps at 8 bits.

VC roadmap: further sensors under development

In addition to the sensors already available, we are continuously expanding our portfolio of MIPI Cameras. Already under development and available on request are module variants with IMX253 sensor and 12.37 MPixel resolution as well as with the IMX255. The sensors from Sony with 1" and 1.1" sensor size respectively offer a high resolution of up to 4K and are therefore ideally suited for use in surveillance applications, quality assurance and industrial automation.

We also develop modules with further sensors on request.

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